What is the slot system ?

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slots are normal pages that replaces the content of layout elements if found.

ComboStrap supports the following slots.

Name Location
Sidebar slot at the left side of the content
Page header slot at the top of a page
Page footer slot at the bottom of a page
Main header slot at the top of the content
Main footer slot at the bottom of the content

Layout Element


You can list, edit or create secondary slots with the slot manager.

The slots work like that:

The slot manager shows you where you can create these slots.


  • A slot can be defined for every namespace (directory). If there is no slot page for a namespace, a slot page is searched in the ascendant namespace (parent, grandparent,…)
  • A slot is automatically hidden and not searchable.
  • Side slots (side slots) are rendered for every namespace and regenerated for each namespace change (page creation, modification, deletion)


Bar vs Slot

In ComboStrap, a slot is a place in the template where content can be added while a bar is a UI component such as the menu bar.

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