Cache Management



cache is a simple and great feature that enhances performance.

ComboStrap has two levels of cache:


Anonymous Page Cache

When a page is visited anonymously, an anonymous page is served from the public cache

Page Fragment

The parsing and rendering of a page in a different format are cached until some rules are met.

Learn them on this page: Set the cache expiration date of a page with the cache component

Secondary Slots

With the auto slots cache bursting, the slots are re-rendered in the background when they are stale.

For instance, if a secondary slot becomes stale due to the creation of a page or the modification of a primary metadata such as name, title, the secondary slot is rendered in the background showing up in the next request

Action: If you have any ~~NOCACHE~~ instructions in your slots, just delete them.

Background rendering

If a secondary_slots or a page becomes stale due to cache expiration frequency, we re-render them in the background.

The first render is then stale but not the next one.


For images, ComboStrap supports two caches:

Javascript and Css Library

With the infinite static cache functionality, all Javascript and Css Libraries are cached for an infinite amount of time.

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