How to install Combo ?

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combo contains all components:


Pre-requisites and options not supported

Last Dokuwiki Version:
In case, you have not followed the dokuwiki step, you should install ComboStrap on the last DokuWiki version.
If you don't know the version of your installation, the dokuwiki version check will help you.

DokuWiki Internal rewriting:
Because of the permanent url functionality, Combostrap:

Go to the Extension Manager

To install the Combo plugin:

Dokuwiki Admin Window Default Template

  • Click on the Extension Manager link to go to the Extension Manager plugin.
  • Click on the Search and Install link to go to the Search tab

Install the SQLite extension

combo is saving its data in a sqlite database and therefore uses this extension.

  • Search for the term sqlite
  • Click on the install button.

Sqlite Install Via Extension Manager

Do you have any other plugins ?

ComboStrap is tested against third party plugins but we can't test them all.

This application has a large code base going from cache to routing and user interface management.

Plugins that are too old or do not respect the DokuWiki Interfaces may not work well with ComboStrap.

Install the Combo extension

Because of the memory error of the update plugin, Combo needs to be updated manually via the manual install tab.

Extension Manager Dokuwiki Manual Install

Do you have a broken Installation?

If this is the case and that you got your installation not working anymore, the fix is:

  • to rename on your server the directory dokuwiki/lib/plugins/combo to dokuwiki/lib/plugins/combo.old
  • or to delete it

And to send us the log of your webserver if you want us to take a look.

Next Step

All good? Well done, otherwise check the broken installation section if you need to recover your installation.

Third Plugins - ComboStrap Getting Started

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