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Search engine optimization (or SEO) is the process of making your website optimized for search engine such as as Google or Bing.

On a website level, it means:

SEO Subject

Page Metadata

The following data are used heavily by Search Engine and may be set specifically for a page:


There is so much too say that we have created a dedicated page.


Low quality pages have a big impact on the SEO score. The quality module aims to score, monitor and protect the quality of your website.

Quality module


discoverability is the science to be easily discoverable and understood by search engine.

By default, you need to enable it or change the following configurations.

  • The sitemap is a important element and should be enabled.
  • the indexdelay delayed the indexation of modified page by search engine. To disable this anti spam feature for an open wiki, you need to set it to 0


The Combostrap page renders automatically as card in:

XHTML compliant

All the HTML page generated follows the internet standard and are generated to be easily crawlable and indexed by any search engine.

For more information and to check your generated HTML pages, see this article: ComboStrap - Quality XHTML compliant

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