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The CKGEdit plugin is a external plugin that replaces the dokuwiki editor.

Not all syntaxes plugin are supported by CkgEdit

By default, the CKGEdit plugin does not handle plugins and returns the Dokuwiki syntax. This behavior unfortunately means that not all syntaxes are supported.

Below, you can see the known effects but there may be more.

DokuWiki Heading

Because we take over the dokuwiki heading, CKGEdit will then return:

  • ====== Title ======
  • and not <h1>Title</h1>

If you want to use CKGEdit:

DokuWiki Image

For the same reason, the image syntax will not work.

If you want to use CKGEdit:


CkgEdit is not compatible with the frontmatter. It will see it as text and inject it into the HTML.

Code details

The code responsible for this behavior is in the action/edit.php file, line 1173.

foreach ( $instructions as $instruction ) {
	 if ($instruction[0] == 'plugin') {
		$Renderer->doc .= $instruction[1][3]; // here
  } else {
	   call_user_func_array(array(&$Renderer, $instruction[0]),$instruction[1]);
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