How to resolve the error ExceptionSqliteNotAvailable?

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When navigating to your installation, you may be hit by the following error:

ComboStrap\ExceptionSqliteNotAvailable - Unable to initialize SQLite

Exception Sqlite Not Availbale Unable To Initialize


The Sqlite Plugin has a bug.

  • Add to your website URL the query parameters ?do=admin. Example for combostrap:
  • Go to the SQLite Admin Page
  • Select the combo database
  • Execute the following query
select * from opts
  • If the value val is 0, you got hit by the bug.

Select From Opts Val 0

How to resolve it?

Update the last SQLite version

  • Check the last Combo SQLite version of your installation in the lib/plugins/combo/db/combo folder of your Dokuwiki installation. In the below example, the last version is 22.

Last Sqlite Combo Version

  • Execute the following query and replace the last version number 22 if it does not correspond to your installation
-- update opts set val=xxx where opt='dbversion'
-- in our case
update opts set val=22 where opt='dbversion'

Upgrade the SQLite Plugin

To update the SQLite Plugin , you need to install it manually with the same steps as the combo plugin.

  • Get the download URL by clicking on the arrow

Dokuwiki Extension Sqlite Plugin Download Url

More info, need help?

If you need more info and/or help, the discussion can be found here.

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