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The page footer slot is a slot that replaces the default fat footer of the template.

How to

To create this slot, you need to create a markup document/page with the name slot_footer

Example: with:

  • two cells in a grid that will show them:
    • on 1 row on a large screen
    • on 2 rows on mobile
  • inside a bar to style the background with a gradient color and a little bit of spacing
<bar class="p-3" background-color="gradient-light">


**First Cell** \\
Powered by [[:start|ComboStrap]] \\
[[[email protected]?subject=Contact via WebSite|[email protected]]] \\

**Second Cell** \\
[[#|Release (Changes)]]\\

This code will output the following:

First Cell
Powered by ComboStrap
[email protected]


By default, the name of the footer slot page is slot_footer.

But you can change it with the footerSlotPageName configuration

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