ComboStrap Routing - Best End Page Name Algorithm


The Best End Page Name is a redirection scoring algorithm that finds the best page to redirect to when a non-existing page is requested.

This algorithm performs the scoring by looping through the different part of a page name from the end to the beginning. For instance, if the page name was name1:name2:name3, the algorithm would check first name3, then name2, then name1

This concept comes from the fact that a content has a natural hierarchical structure. If you have created a page called bird:sparrow:

  • there is a lot of chance that a page with the same last name (ie sparrow) would be the good one
  • there is also even more chance if this page was in the same category bird
  • and so on.


When a user request a missing page (ie species:bird:sparrow), the algorithm would:

  • search all pages with the same last name.
  • if there is no pages, returns and let the next redirection action takes place.
  • if it found pages. For instance, this two pages:
    • animal:bird:sparrow
    • europe:sparrow
  • it will score them by giving 1 point recursively for each matching name processing from the end to the beginning. For instance:
    • 2 point for animal:bird:sparrow (1 point for sparrow and 1 point for bird)
    • 1 point for europe:sparrow
  • it will then select the page with the highest score.
  • if the page has a score that is higher or equal to the BestEndPageMinimalScoreForAlias configuration:



This configuration permits to:

when the number of parts in the found path that matches the missing page is higher or equal.

By default, this value is 2 but you can disable it by setting a value of 0.

Action Order

You can set the importance of this rule in the redirection action configuration.

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