Page Image


image is a page metadata that defines an illustrative image for the page.

The image:

The image should be relevant to the page. For example, if you define an image for a news article, the image must be relevant to that news article.

Because social image (twitter, google and facebook) have all differents image specifications, if the images found are not conform (low resolution, bad type), they are not used.

How to set page images ?

The recommended images are:

  • high-resolution (minimum of 300,000 pixels when multiplying width and height, to avoid blurry, unclear images)
  • with the following aspect ratios: 16×9, 4×3, and 1×1 (to avoid cropping)

You can set the path of your image in the metadata manager.

Note that you can't upload the images with the metadata manager for now, therefore:

  • you need to upload your image while editing first (note that the first image in your page is by default the page image).
  • or you can edit the frontmatter directly.

Frontmatter example:

  • Single Image
    "image": ":photos:1x1:photo.jpg"
  • Multiple:
    "image": [

Moving image path with the move plugin will update their path.



The disableFirstImageAsPageImage is a configuration that permits to disable the use of the first image of page as the image of a page.

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