ComboStrap 1.9 Release



The version 1.9 was a bug fix release. (2020-10-31)

List of changes

  • Bug: A Dokuwiki table inside a tabpanel was giving wrongfully a warning.
  • Bug: The data-name attribute is used by illustrator to set layer information and was causing a problem in the icon component.
  • Bug: The failed state HTML element of the file uploader (ie the form in the media manager) was visible by default. A css rule was added to default it to none. commit
  • Bug: Ntoc, Related, cite - PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 98570240 bytes) in inc/Cache/CacheInstructions.php on line 44 -
    • The Dokuwiki function p_get_metadata can render and create a recursive call, we get the title now without rendering.
    • The handler call tree was returned as return argument of the handle function, we don't pass it anymore
  • Improvement: Expected Php warning does not appear anymore in the log (for instance when trying the decode a string as XML to see if it's an XML)
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