ComboStrap Analytics - How to query the analytics database

1 - How-to

This page will show you how to query the analytics database online.

2 - Steps

2.1 - Go to the admin page

Click on the Admin link to go to the Admin Window. ie

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2.2 - Go to the Sqlite Interface

The SQLite interface is a webpage that permits to send statement to the SQLite database.

To access it directly, the URLis

2.3 - Choose the database

Choose the Combo database.

If you were users:
  • of the 404Manager, the database may be named 404manager
  • of the webcomponent plugin, the database may be named webcomponent

The URL to access your database will look like the following URL

2.4 - Enter your query and submit

Enter the analytical query and submit.

You can try the below query that returns statistics over words from the json analytics column.

	count(*) as page_count,
	round(avg(words)) as words_avg,
	sum(words) as words_count,
	max(words) as words_max,
	min(words) as words_min
		json_extract(analytics , '$.statistics.words') as words
		analytics is not null

3 - Sqlite JSON Support

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