ComboStrap Styling - Breakpoint


breakpoints allows to create different designs based on the screen size of the browser. You can apply styling attribute conditionally.

Each breakpoints defines the maximum width of the screen for a property to be applied.

combostrap follows the breakpoints of bootstrap (even if you have created your own custom bootstrap)


Bootstrap 5

Breakpoint Prefix Apply to browser size
X-Small xs <576px
Small sm ≥576px
Medium md ≥768px
Large lg ≥992px
Extra large xl ≥1200px
Extra extra large
(new with bootstrap 5)
xxl ≥1400px

Bootstrap 4

Code Name Device Default
Value for a 12 grid columns
Value for a 16 grid columns
xs (Default) Extra Small Mobile Phone 0 0
sm Small Ipad 576px 576px
md Medium Ipad Pro 768px 768px
lg Large Desktop 992px 992px
xl Extra Large Large Desktop 1200px 1280px

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