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ComboStrap Page Metadata - Twitter Card


ComboStrap page will render automatically as a summary card in a tweet.

You can optionally add your twitter handle in the cards if configured.

This is page is about the integration of your page as card in twitter. If you want the inverse and embed a tweet in your page, see the tweet page


You can preview a card page before tweeting it at:

Twitter Card Preview

List of metadata

The list of metadata that are used in the card are:


You can see the Twitter image used via the metadata manager.

Twitter Image Metadata Manager

If the value is gray, this is the default image value.

Twitter supports raster images with a size of less than 5MB and SVG are not supported ((Card Twitter Reference Documentation

Default Image

The default image is chosen via this algorithm:


You can set the following configuration:

Name Description Default value
twitterSiteHandle the handle name of your twitter account (Example: @combostraweb) None
twitterSiteId the twitter id of your twitter account (Search on Google) None

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