ComboStrap Routing - Best Page Name Algorithm


Best Page Name is a scoring algorithm that is used to choose the target page to redirect to in case of missing page.

This redirection algorithm performs always a not found redirection.

This algorithm should be in a low priority order because:


The redirection by best name page is an simple algorithm which occurs to find the best page by name.

It calculate a score for two kinds of page :


A weight factor configuration is applied and in this way, you can influence the redirection :

  • When a page have the same name (by default 4)
  • When a page is a start page of a namespace (by default 3)
  • When a namespace match (by default 5)


  • The page asked : namespace1:namespace2:pagename
  • We have one page with the same name : namespace1:pagename
  • We have one startpage : namespace1:namespace2:start

Score :

  • The score for the page with the same name is : 9 = 5 (because namespace1 is present in the asked page) + 4 (because the page name match)
  • The score for the startpage is : 13 = 5 (because namespace1 is present in the asked page) + 5 (because namespace2 is present in the asked page) + 3 (because it's a start page)

In this case, the startpage is the redirect page because it have a highest score (13 against 9)

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