Google Rich Result


The ComboStrap pages supports the setting of metadata to enable Google Rich Result.

Google Rich Result are results as below shown in the search page of Google that have been styled.




ComboStrap will automatically create the minimum information needed to create a Google Rich Result for the following type of page:

  • website - The home page gets automatically this type of page with the searchbox Rich Result
  • organization - You set this type of page in a About Us page where you gives information about your company. It enables the the Google knowledge panel rich result
  • article - An article such as a wikipedia article, news article or piece of investigative report that enables card

With the manual json-ld attribute, you can also set extra properties if needed


You can also:

You just need to:

For instance, if you create a page for a Course as explained on this Google example, you would create the following frontmatter where:

  • the type was set to Course
  • a json-ld property was created that holds the course property.
    "json-ld": {
        "name": "Introduction to Computer Science and Programming",
        "description": "Introductory CS course laying out the basics.",
        "provider": {
            "@type": "Organization",
            "name": "University of Technology - Eureka",
            "sameAs": ""

You can validate the json-ld value with the json-ld playground

Preview / Control

You can control the Rich Result of your page with the following tools:

Example of result:


Documentation / Reference

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