ComboStrap UI - Content


Content are components that permits to create the content of page and/or a block component.

ComboStrap UI gets the following content components in its library:

  • Badge: A badge
  • Button (btn): A button (they are generally set apart on their own line)
  • Highlight: Highlight a sequence of words
  • Icon: All material design icons or your own
  • Raster image: A small image can be used as icon
  • Inote: An inline note
  • Link: A link with text, icon, image or what ever you need.
  • Pageimage: Renders the illustrative image of a page
  • Itext: format one or several words at once.
  • Typography: Typography markup such as boldness, underline, …

They are also known as inline component because they can be used in a line.

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