ComboStrap UI - Content

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Content are components that permit to fill of the content of a page. They are also known as visual or rich text.

ComboStrap UI gets the following content components in its library:

Name Description
Badge How to create a badge with Combo ?
Button ComboStrap UI - Button
Cite ComboStrap UI - Cite
Footnote ComboStrap - Footnotes (Reference)
Heading ComboStrap Heading
Highlight How to highlight words in ComboStrap
Icon ComboStrap - Icon Component
Image How to use the image tag in ComboStrap
Inote ComboStrap UI - Inote (inline note)
Itext itext: applies typographic effect to characters or words
Links The Link component
Page Image Page-image Component: Renders the illustrative image of your page
Raster Raster Image in ComboStrap (jpg, png, ...)
Svg How to use a SVG in ComboStrap
Tooltip ComboStrap UI - Tooltip
Typo Typographic effect and attributes in ComboStrap
Vignette What is a Vignette ?

They are known as content components because they add content to your page. The other big category of the component is layout component which lay your content out.

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