ComboStrap - Release 1.13 - BootStrap 4 to 5


In the release 1.13, we made Bootstrap 5 available. This page regroups all migration matters from BootStrap 4 to BootStrap 5.

ComboStrap supports the two version.

If you got any problem on this migration, don;'t hesitate to open a ticket or contact us.

New in Bootstrap 5

Breaking changes from Combostrap 5

Start and End in place of Left and Right in Utility Class

To support RTL languages, Bootstrap has renamed the direction properties left and right in favor start and end.

The only breaking change is when you use utility class directly from bootstrap with the class attribute (ie without using for instance the spacing utility for instance).

They have been renamed and we can't do much in this case

The left and right spacing utility have been renamed to support text direction.

  • in place of l (left), you get a s (start) - for classes that set margin-left or padding-left in LTR, margin-right or padding-right in RTL
  • in place of r (right), you get a e (end)- for classes that set margin-right or padding-right in LTR, margin-left or padding-left in RTL


The below change is only valid for the default bootstrap theme, not for third theme stylesheet such as bootswatch

The colors have changed in the default Bootstrap them to add more contrast. Unfortunately, it means that the default colors are more bright.

Example with the info color

Bootstrap 4 Bootstrap 5

Changes preserved

This section lists the changes preserved by ComboStrap.


The following elements are deleted in Bootstrap 5 but preserved in Combostrap.


More info

For more information, see the whole migration documentation at Bootstrap

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