ComboStrap URL Management - Pages Rules

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page rules are rules that permits to apply a permanent redirection for a page or a group of page.


Page Rules Illustration

Redirect all pages from the namespace database to db

With the below rule:

  • Pattern: database:*
  • Target: db:$1

If a page called database:table does not exist, the router will calculate the target page db:table and if the page exists, it will rewrite it.

Redirect a page to an external web site

With the below rule:

If a page called dokuwiki:404managerplugin does not exist, the router will send a permanent redirect to the page


Go to the new rule page

Create a rule

  • The matcher is a pattern that should match the missing Dokuwiki Id. You can use one or more * that match any number of characters (including none).
  • The target is the new page. The $1, $2, ... characters correspond to the value of the star character * in order and you can use them to define the target page
  • The priority defines in which order, the page rules are applied.

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