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An event page is a page that is advertising an event.

To tag your page has a event, you need to have:

  • the type of page set to event
  • a date_start set to the start date of the event in the local timezone
  • a date_end set to the end date of the event
  • name - the name of the event
  • a description - the description of the event


We declare the page as event page for google but to be valid, you also need to add the location in the frontmatter.

You can add a virtual or physical location by adding a “json-ld” property. Below is an example of an event taking place online and offline (if this is not the case for you, just delete the non-relevant location)

  "json-ld": {
    "location": [
        "@type": "VirtualLocation",
        "url": "https://domain/online/location"
        "@type": "Place",
        "name": "Physical Location - Snickerpark Stadium",
        "address": {
          "@type": "PostalAddress",
          "streetAddress": "100 West Snickerpark Dr",
          "addressLocality": "Snickertown",
          "postalCode": "19019",
          "addressRegion": "PA",
          "addressCountry": "US"

Offers, performer, organizer

If you want to add more information such as offers, performer or organizer, you just need to add the properties defined in the event page of google to the json-ld property.

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