How to configure the Favicons

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This page is an HowTo that shows you how to choose and install a favicon and your logo image with ComboStrap.


You can design your own logo but you can also be inspired by collection of logo

In our case we have chosen an icon directly from

  • Choose an icon

Material Design Choose Icon

  • Download the Svg file and rename it to logo.svg

Material Design Download Icon Svg

  • Go back in the Advanced Export and create a PNG with the biggest size

Material Design Download Icon Png Big

Generate the favicons

Upload the favicons

  • Then upload the below icon files with the media manager to the root location (ie DOKUWIKI_HOME/data/media/)
    • favicon.ico
    • favicon-32×32.png
    • favicon-16×16.png
    • apple-touch-icon.png
    • android-chrome-192×192.png (used in the manifest)
    • logo.svg


Mediamanager Favicon

To see where and how you can use your logo, see the logo page.

Create the facebook default

facebook has a dimension constraint on the image illustration. The image should be at minimum 200px by 200px.

We recommend then that:

  • you create an image with your photo editor:
  • and upload it at the root of your media manager (next to the other logos)

The facebook page will tell your more about the specific of a facebook card.


  • Refresh and delete the Browser cache by hitting the key combination
    • Ctrl + Shift + R - Chrome
    • or Ctrl + F5 - Firefox
  • Check that you see your favicon

Favicon Verification

OpenSearch Favicon

In the open search, unfortunately, the icon is the icon of the template and is hardcoded, there is nothing we can do to change it at this place. We still advertise it via sitelinks to search engines.

If you want it also at this place, you need to put it manually on the server at $DOKUWIKI_HOME/lib/tpl/dokuwiki/images/favicon.ico.

Next Step

Create a menu

Showcase yourself and your brand

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to create a remarkable experience for your readers.

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