ComboStrap Page Metadata - Front Matter


Front Matter is a component that:

It borrows its name from the front matter book


Just add a block of code that:

  • starts with ---json
  • contains a json document
  • end with ---


    "title":"My Big title in the Search Engine Result Pages",
    "description":"That's the article that you want to read!"


There is three groups of metadata:

  • managed: the properties that ComboStrap used for its own processing
  • protected: the properties that cannot be modified
  • unknown: Unknown properties are written in the metadata without any further processing.


ComboStrap manages and reacts to the following metadata:


The below properties are protected and cannot be changed:

  • date_created, date_modified
  • user, creator, contributor


Auto Frontmatter

This feature adds a frontmatter template when you create a new page.

This feature is by default enabled but you can disable it by unchecking the autoFrontMatter configuration.

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