Identity Management in ComboStrap

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identity management is based on the Dokuwiki Acl module and plugins.

ComboStrap adds styling to the identity forms:

Layout and design

You can customize the layout by customizing the app templates.



The login form shows:


The Registration form will shows:

The registration should not be in the disabled action.

Resend Password

The resend password will shows only one field, the username.


The profile page has two forms:

  • an update form to update the user information
  • a delete form to delete the account

For the update form, with the config%3Aprofileconfirm configuration, you can require that a user confirm their current password in order to update their profile.

The profile should not be in the disabled action.


Enable / Disable Forms

All forms are disabled, if the acl module is disabled.

You can also if you want to get back to the original forms, disable the rendering of the forms individually with the following configuration:

  • enableLoginForm
  • enableRegistrationForm
  • enableResendPwdForm
  • enableProfileUpdateForm
  • enableProfileDeleteForm

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