ComboStrap Ads - Ad Tag

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The ad tag is a syntax component of the ads module that will insert a ad (ie ad page).


For instance, if you want to add a Ad in the top of the side slot, you would:

  • Create a ad page called sideSlotTop
  • And add it in your side slot with the following syntax
<ad name="sideSlotTop"/>

Ads made easy

An Ad page is just a page that contains the Ad Snippet but you can also design it with the ComboStrap syntax.
(called also a creative)

Because the ads are stored as pages, they are by default added to the index.

You need to set a configuration to prevent it. See ComboStrap Ads - Global Configuration


<ad name="adsFileName"/>

where adsFileName is the name of the ad page.

The ad component is a superset HTML component and you can style it as you want.


See ComboStrap Ads - Global Configuration

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