The calculated quality score

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ComboStrap calculates automatically a quality score for each page.


The quality score can be seen in the quality section of the analytical data.

When the score is 0, it means that the score rule failed.

"scoring": {
	"score": 45, // The score total
	"scores": { // The details
		"canonical_present": 0,
		"correct_content_length": 10,
		"correct_outline": 3,
		"correct_word_avg_by_section": 10,
		"description_present": 8,
		"edits_count": 0,
		"internal_backlinks_count": 3,
		"internal_links_count": 3,
		"no_fixme": 1,
		"no_internal_broken_links_count": 2,
		"title_present": 0


The principe is based on the fact that the more quality, a page has, the more points it should get. (Positive enforcement).

The calculation formula is based on:

Score Points Description
canonical_present 5 the canonical should be present.
correct_content_length 10 When the page has a content length between a minimum and maximum of words
correct_outline 3 when the outline (headers) of the page are in correct order
correct_word_avg_by_section 3 when the average words by section is between a minimum and maximum of words
description_present 8 the description is the second important metadata shown on SERP pages
edits_count 0.5 The more edits, the more quality (points are by edits. 4 edits = 2 points)
internal_backlinks_count 0.5 The more backlinks, the better (points are by edits. 4 links = 2 points)
internal_links_count 0.5 The more internal link, the better (points are by edits. 4 links = 2 points)
no_fixme 1 point if the page does not have any fixme
no_internal_broken_links_count 2 points if the page does not have any broken link
title_present 10 the title is the most important metadata shown on SERP page

Own score implementation

You can also also implement your own score calculation by querying the analytical data.

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