ComboStrap Quality - Dynamic Page Monitoring


Dynamic Quality Page Monitoring is a feature that encourages the writer (users with edit permission) to improve the quality score of its page.

The writer sees in the railbar an alert icon in place of the normal quality icon that indicates that the page is of low quality.

If you click on the action, the writer will see the quality rules that don't pass.

For a page that is not an article such as home page or landing page, you can also disable it.


For the low quality page demo (low quality demo page), you would get the below note if you had the edit authorization.

The page has a quality score of 32.25.

This is a low quality page because it has failed the following mandatory rules:

You can still win a couple of points.

  • Add 21 words to get 10 points
  • Add internal links for 1 point each


Excluded Quality Rules

The configuration excludedQualityRulesFromDynamicMonitoring lists the quality rules that should not be monitored.

If you had a quality rule in this list, it will not show up in the message.

Disable for a page

You can disable the dynamic quality monitoring feature by setting the property dynamic_quality_monitoring in the metadata manager to false.

Disable totally

You can disable totally the dynamic quality monitoring feature by selecting the configuration disableDynamicQualityMonitoring.

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