ComboStrap Quality - Dynamic Page Monitoring

1 - About

Dynamic Quality Page Monitoring is a feature that encourages the writer (users with edit permission) to improve the quality score of its page.

A message is shown for quality rules that don't pass, indicating how they can be improved.

For a page that is not an article such as home page or landing page, you can also disable it.

2 - Example

For the low quality page demo (low quality demo page), you would get the below note if you had the edit authorization.

3 - When the message shows up

The message is shown when:

4 - Configuration

4.1 - Excluded Quality Rules

The configuration excludedQualityRulesFromDynamicMonitoring lists the quality rules that should not be monitored.

If you had a quality rule in this list, it will not show up in the message.

4.2 - Disable for a page

You can disable the dynamic quality monitoring feature by setting the property dynamic_quality_monitoring in the frontmatter to false.



4.3 - Disable totally

You can disable totally the dynamic quality monitoring feature by selecting the configuration disableDynamicQualityMonitoring.

Since version 1.12

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