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A fixed-top menu or fixed-top header is a UI region that stays located at the top of your page even when you scroll the content down. ComboStrap implements it via the menu bar.

How to configure a fixed-top menu ?

Create a menu bar with the option position=“top”

Minimal Example:

<menubar position="top">
<brand title="ComboStrap Home">
<icon name="logo.svg" />
ComboStrap (Beta)

For a complete and detailed instruction, see How to create a top menu bar?


A fixed-top menu bar gives a great experience but is difficult to implement because they needs some extra styling in order to relocate:

Without this changements, a navigation via a link to an heading would land below the fixed-top menu and will then cache the heading.

ComboStrap is fixed-top menu ready, no extra steps needed.

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