ComboStrap Metadata - Organization Page


An organization page is a type of page that defines information about your organization.

Google uses it to create the knowledge panel

How to create an organization page

To create a page on your website that contains your organization information such as our About us page, you need to define the type to Organization


Combostrap will then add the following properties:

How to add extra properties

We also supports the creation of an organization property that would match the organization field.

For example, in our About us page, we have set in the frontmatter the following properties:

	"canonical": "about",
	"title": "The ComboStrap Organization - About us",
	"description": "A page about the combostrap organization that also demonstrates how you can create an organization page",
	"type": "organization",
	"organization": {
		"name": "ComboStrap",
		"email": "[email protected]",
		"slogan": "Growing the world GDP of publishers and creators",
		"address": {
			"@type": "PostalAddress",
			"addressLocality": "Oegstgeest, Netherlands",
			"postalCode": "2343KE"
		"parentOrganization": {
			"@type": "organization",
			"name": "Bytle",
			"url": ""
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