ComboStrap - Social


social is a SEO module that helps to improve:



The discoverability module is based on data that are added to your page such as:

  • the type of page
  • an image
  • your handle

The social and search engine network uses this data to:

  • style your page (ie create cards while sharing a link to your page)
  • index your pages to their search engine or in category pages.

All social platform should work. The below social networks have their own documentation.:

As a general rule of thumb, all social images should be at least 640×320px (1280×640px for best display).

To be sure that nothing gets cropped, you could create a 40pt white margin around your image.

Social Buttons

ComboStrap supports:


Interaction happens through widgets embedded in your pages.

Actually, only the embedded tweet has been implemented.

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