ComboStap Performance - Page Cache component


With the page cache component, you can manage the cache of a page and expire it at interval.


To delete your cache:

  • daily at midnight:
<cache expiration="@daily"/>
  • At 12:02 on Monday
<cache expiration="02 12 * * 1"/>


<cache expiration="cronExpression"/>

where cronExpression is a cron expression.

To create a cron expression easily, we recommend you the wizard

How to check the next expiration date

The expiration date can be seen in the date_cache_expiration field of the metadata.

For instance, this page has a monthly expiration, check the date_cache_expiration in the metadata field of its analytical data.

View the analytical data for this page

Example of output:

"metadata": {
        "date_cache_expiration": "YYYY-MM-DDT00:00:00+00:00"
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