ComboStrap Analytics - How to query the analytics database


This page will show you how to query the analytics database online.


Go to the admin page

Click on the Admin link to go to the Admin Window. ie

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Go to the Sqlite Interface

The SQLite interface is a webpage that permits to send statement to the SQLite database.


To access it directly, the URL is

Choose the database

Choose the Combo database.


If you were users:

  • of the 404Manager, the database may be named 404manager
  • of the webcomponent plugin, the database may be named webcomponent

The URL to access your database will look like the following URL

Json Support

If you want to query, the analytics json data, you need to have sqlite with json support.

This steps shows you how to validate that your SQLite database can query JSON.

  • The sqlite database version should then be greater or equal to SQLite 3.9.0 (2015-10-14).
select sqlite_version();
^ sqlite_version ^
| 3.28.0 |
  • The json module should be present when executing the below SQL.
PRAGMA compile_options;
^ compile_options ^

If you don't have the JSON extension or can't install it, you can always download the database file and query it locally for instance with dbeaver

Enter your query and submit

Enter the analytical query and submit.


You can try the below query that returns statistics over words from the json analytics column.

	count(*) as page_count,
	round(avg(words)) as words_avg,
	sum(words) as late publication page,
	max(words) as words_max,
	min(words) as words_min
		json_extract(analytics , '$.statistics.words') as words
		analytics is not null
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