strap was the template of ComboStrap and is no more used since the version Release 1.25.

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Admin Combo
ComboStrap Analytics - How to query the analytics database

This page will show you how to query the database online. Click on the Admin link to go to the admin_windowAdmin Window. ie ComboStrap Template template:dokuwikiDokuwiki...
Jquery Version Browser Console
ComboStrap - JQuery

jquery is available in the strap template. To get the JQuery Version, you need to open the browser:consoleBrowser console and type Example: bootstrap version 5 Bootstrap 4 is packaged with...
Dokuwiki Admin Manager
Step by step: How to set a configuration value

This page shows you how to set a configuration value that is valid for your whole application metadata metadata manager To set a configuration value, go to the admin_windowAdmin Window With the...

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