ComboStrap UI - Title

1 - About

A title is a semantic heading that defines the title of a component and does not add a level in the TOC (outline)

Since version 1.4

If you search the title of a page, see the page ComboStrap Page Metadata - Title

3 - Syntax

3.1 - Title

<title type="1" level="1">


  • type is a number from 0 to 4 (Default 0) that defines different display.
  • level is the heading level (ie in h1, the number 1)
title is a Super set HTML component and you can then control fully its styling.

3.2 - Dokuwiki Heading

The Dokuwiki Heading syntax is used to create the structure of the document which means that if added in a component, they will changes the Table of Content

ComboStrap support them as title (and not as sectioning component) in the following component:

4 - Example

4.1 - Type

<title>Title 0</title>
<title 1>Title 1</title>
<title 2>Title 2</title>
<title 3>Title 3</title>
<title 4>Title 4</title>

Title 0

Title 1

Title 2

Title 3

Title 4

For the Geek

The type applies the Bootstrap display class.

4.2 - Level

<title>Title Level 1 (H1)</title>
<title level="2">Title Level 2 (H2)</title>
<title level="3">Title Level 3 (H3)</title>
<title level="4">Title Level 4 (H4)</title>
<title level="5">Title Level 5 (H5)</title>
<title level="6">Title Level 6 (H6)</title>

Title Level 1 (H1)

Title Level 2 (H2)

Title Level 3 (H3)

Title Level 4 (H4)

Title Level 5 (H5)
Title Level 6 (H6)

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