The content quality rule of a page that ComboStrap applies

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quality rules check the quality of a page and gives quality target at the same time.

They have only two states:

  • passed
  • or failed



Example of the quality section of the json analytical data

"rules": {
	"result": "1 quality rules errors",
	"info": {
		"canonical_present": "A canonical is not present in the frontmatter"
	"details": {
		"canonical_present": "Failed",
		"description_present": "Passed",
		"fixme_min": "Passed",
		"internal_backlinks_min": "Passed",
		"internal_links_broken_max": "Passed",
		"internal_links_min": "Passed",
		"outline_structure": "Passed",
		"title_present": "Passed",
		"words_by_section_avg_max": "Passed",
		"words_by_section_avg_min": "Passed",
		"words_max": "Passed",
		"words_min": "Passed"


Below is the list of quality rules that ComboStrap applies.

The threshold are actually fixed, you can't change them.

Name Description
canonical_present A canonical should be present in the frontmatter
description_present A description should be present in the frontmatter
fixme_min A page should have no fixme
internal_backlinks_min A page should have at minimum one link from another page (internal backlink)
internal_links_broken_max A page should not have a link to a non-existing page (broken link)
internal_links_min A page should have at minimal a link to another page (internal link)
outline_structure The headers should have a tree structure (outline, toc)
title_present A title should be present in the frontmatter
words_by_section_avg_max A page should have at maximal a average of 300 words by section
words_by_section_avg_min A page should have at minimal a average of 20 words by section
words_max A page should have at maximal 1500 words
words_min A page should have at minimal 50 words.

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