How to create a top menu bar?

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The templates support the creation of a slot page in order to modify a page layout.

For instance, most of them support a page header slot in order to modify the page header (the top location of your pages)

This is where we will create a menu bar.


  • Create a page called :slot_header (at the root directory of your pages)
  • Enter the below menu bar example

If you have uploaded a icon in the Favicon step, a minimal header slot with a menu bar would look like:

<menubar breakpoint="lg">
<brand title="My Brand">
<icon name="logo.svg" />
My Brand name
<group expand="true">
<dropdown name="Menu">

<btn shadow="true" color="white">[[getting_started:getting_started|Get Started]]</btn>

More … see the menu bar page

Next Steps

In the same way, you can also modify the page footer.

Then you can:

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