ComboStrap Analytics - Data (JSON)


ComboStrap performs regularly analytical calculation on pages.


The analytical data are composed of three parts:


This data are accessible:


You can get the analytical data as json with an export.

  • via a direct URL by by adding ?do=export_combo_analytics to a page URL. For instance, to get the data of the actual page, click on this link
  • via the Analytics menu item by clicking on the following icon (only for logged user)


The Analytical data are stored in the database in the analytics column of the page table in a json format. You can then query it with the json function of SQLite.

For instance, you can then execute a query such as the following that extracts low quality pages and their words and links statistics

	json_extract(analytics,'$.quality.failed_mandatory_rules') as failed_rules,
	json_extract(analytics,'$.statistics.words_count') as words,
	json_extract(analytics,'$.statistics.internal_links_count') as internal_links,
	json_extract(analytics,'$.statistics.internal_backlinks_count') as internal_backlinks
json_extract(analytics, '$.quality.low') = true

To know how to query the database online, check this page ComboStrap Analytics - How to query the analytics database

JSON Support

JSON supports was added for SQLite 3.9.0 (2015-10-14).

  • You can verify your version with this query
select sqlite_version();
  • You can also verify that you have the JSON extension compiled with the following pragma
PRAGMA compile_options;
  • An extension can be installed .

If you don't have the JSON extension or can't install it, you can always download the database file and query it locally for instance with dbeaver

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