ComboStrap - URL Management (formerly 404manager)

1 - About

The URL manager (known formerly as the 404manager) manages the behavior of Dokuwiki when an URL does not match a Dokuwiki page.

By default, Dokuwiki will show an empty page.

2 - The problem

A DokuWiki page may become unavailable if it has been:

  • moved
  • deleted
  • or renamed

In this case, the webserver should return a 404 web page along with a hard HTTP 404 response (meaning that the Page Was Not Found)

<illustration name=“404” />

It hurts:

2.1 - User experience

Showing a 404 page, next to the fact that this is not really friendly, generally means that your users end their navigation with the following consequences:

  • the bounce rate increases
  • the number of page views decreases.
  • and if you are showing ads, your revenue will decrease because you can't show ads on a 404 page as it's a violation of ad policies. (Example with Google Ads)

2.2 - Domain Authority

domain authority is a SEO metrics based on external backlinks. (A external backlink is a hyperlink from a website to your website).

When your page does not exist and returns a 404 response, this backlinks are not validated and your are losing authority.

3 - Features

In case of missing page, the URL Manager can redirect: