ComboStrap UI Components

1 - About

The UI components changes the rendering of a page

HTML Superset Component

They are all a superset of HTMLwhich means that for every component, you can use:
  • the class
  • and the style attribute

to refine how you want them to be.

See ComboStrap Styling - HTML super set

2 - List

Type Example
Block Card, …
Inline Icon, Bold, ..
Navigational Toc, button, tabs, …
Layout Tabs, panel, grid, …
Outline Hr to draw an horizontale rule.
Heading that defines the structure of the page or a component title.
Informative Tooltip: Tooltips display informative text when users hover over, focus on, or tap an element.
List List - continuous, vertical indexes of text or images.
Table - a list of records
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