ComboStrap UI Components

1 - About

The UI components changes the rendering of a page

HTML Superset Component

They are all a superset of HTML which means that for every component, you can use:
  • the class
  • and the style attribute

to refine how you want them to be.

See ComboStrap Styling - HTML super set

2 - List

2.1 - Box

ComboStrap UI - Block

  • Card (teaser): Do you want to put a text in a box with optionally an image and a button, that's a card
  • Blockquote: A blockquote is a card with a citation.
  • Related: A component showing the backlinks
  • Math: Writing math formulas
  • Note: An ancillary text that needs attention.
  • Jumbotron: Prominently at the top of your page emphase a content.

2.2 - Inline

Inline component can be used inside a paragraph (ie in the line)

  • Navbar: All elements that you put in the top bar of a page
  • Search - A search form
  • Tabs - Tabs let show their related panel.
  • Namespace toc - A list showing all pages of a namespace
  • Breadcrumb - Hierarchic or tail breadcrumb are supported

2.4 - Layout

  • Card column - A card column is a column layout for cards and blockquote.
  • Grid - A grid to layout every component as you wish
  • Container - A container restraints the horizontal width.

2.5 - Section

  • Hr to draw an horizontale rule.
  • Heading that defines the structure of the page or a component title.

2.6 - Informative

  • Tooltip: Tooltips display informative text when users hover over, focus on, or tap an element.

2.7 - List

  • List - continuous, vertical indexes of text or images.
  • Table - a list of records