ComboStrap UI - Sectioning Heading

1 - About

Sectioning heading are headings that cuts the page into different hierarchical sections.

If you are interested in heading inside component to define a title, check the title article instead

3 - Syntax

ComboStrap does not define an extra syntax over the DokuWiki syntax.

====== Headline Level 1 ======
===== Headline Level 2 =====
==== Headline Level 3 ====
=== Headline Level 4 ===
== Headline Level 5 ==

4 - Configuration

4.1 - Numbering

With the combo renderer, you can number them.

4.2 - Fixed top bar

With a Fixed top application bar, the location of the headings are automatically adjusted to redefine the top position of the page to be below the top bar.

More … see Fixed top application bar.

5 - Support

5.1 - Atx Markdown heading

Atx Markdown heading are not supported because they would not be taken into account in the structure and therefore, will generate a bad TOC

6 - Documentation / Reference

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