ComboStrap UI - Pipeline

1 - About

A pipeline is a element that contains a list of function (called a pipeline) that transforms successively a string.

Pipeline are used in template when you want to transform a variable such as a page title.

3 - Syntax

<pipeline> value | function | function | ... </pipeline>


  • value is the string to transform or a template variable
  • function is one of:
    • replace - replace a string
    • rconcat - add a string at the right side
    • head - cut the string to a maximum number of characters

4 - Functions

4.1 - Replace

replace is a function that will search a string and replace it.


replace($search, $replace)

For instance:

<pipeline> "Prefix - Title" | replace("Prefix - ","") </pipeline>

Output: Title

4.2 - Rconcat

rconcat is a function that will concatenate a string to the right



For instance:

<pipeline> "Title" | rconcat("...") </pipeline>

Output: Title...

head is a function that will take the fist N characters of a string



For instance:

<pipeline> "Long Title that we want to cut" | head(10) | rconcat("...") </pipeline>

Output: Long Title...

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