ComboStrap UI - Namespace TOC

1 - About

A namespace TOC is a navigational component that creates a table of content (TOC) for a namespace. It lays out all pages of a namespace (ie directory) in a list fashion

This component is mostly used in a sidebar or sidekickbar

Since version 1.6

The ntoc has replaced the minimap component.

3 - Syntax

<ntoc ns="current">
<index>$id - $title</index>
<page-item>$id - $title</page-item>
<ns-item>$id - $title</ns-item>


  • ns is an attribute that defines the namespace (Default to the namespace of the current page)
  • index defines a template for the index page of the namespace Since version 1.7
  • ns-item defines a template for each sub-namespace of the namespace Since version 1.7
  • page-item defines a template for each page in the namespace
ntoc, index, page-item and ns-item are all superset HTML component.
ntoc is a template component created above the list component.

4 - Example

5 - Documentation / Reference

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