ComboStrap UI - Link

1 - About

link is a ComboStrap UI component that enhances the link syntax by allowing any content inside. (Dokuwiki allows only text and media).

You can therefore have an icon link

Since version 1.12

3 - Type

3.1 - Internal

An internal link is a link to another page. If the target page does not exist, the link is shown in red.

  • Example:

Links to [[link|existing pages]] are shown in a different style from [[nonexisting|nonexisting]] ones.

  • Result:

Links to existing pages are shown in a different style from nonexisting ones.

3.2 - External

An external link is a link that begins with http or https.

  • Example:

External link to our protected page [[|low quality page]] 

  • Result:

External link to our protected page low quality page

3.3 - Interwiki

An interwiki page is a shortcut syntax that permits to create rapidly a link to another website. The host is replaced by a wikiName (ie website name)



For instance:

Interwiki: [[doku>Interwiki]]

Interwiki: Interwiki

The ''publication'' article link can be created with this syntax: [[wp>publication]]

The publication article link can be created with this syntax: publication

3.4 - Email

3.4.1 - Email addresses

If there is no description, the email is shown with the visible protection.

[[[email protected]?subject=Contact via WebSite]]

support [at] combostrap [dot] com

3.4.3 - Email Protection

Email protection against bots is almost a lost cause but you can give them an hard time with this mailguard configuration.

3.5 - Windows Share

Windows Shares: [[\\server\share|this]]

Windows Shares: this

3.6 - Image


3.7 - Icon

An icon can be used to get a compelling visual.

[[|<icon name="logo.svg" width="96px" height="96px"/>]]

4 - Configuration

4.1 - useDokuwikiLinkClassName

Dokuwiki sets class names (wikilink1,wikilink2,urlextern,…) on the link to differentiate them. Unfortunately, this class names have styling rules that are in conflict with Bootstrap.

To resolve this issue, we have set other class name by link type that a web designer can use to style the links.

If you wish to get the Dokuwiki class name on your links, you can get them by enabling the useDokuwikiLinkClassName configuration.

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