ComboStrap UI - Image

1 - About

image is a block UI Component that permits to show images in your pages.

3 - Syntax

ComboStrap uses the same syntax than Dokuwiki

{{[ ]path?widthxheight[ ]}}


  • path is:
    • for an internal image: the internal path of the dokuwiki
    • for an external image: the URL.
  • [ ] are optional spaces that indicates the alignement of the image (left or right)

4 - Example

4.1 - Resize to given width

  • Internal image


  • External Image


4.2 - Resize to given width and height

  • Internal image


  • External Image


4.3 - Elevation

You can style even further your image with styling element such as elevation.

For instance, to elevate this photography with a surfer, you could use this syntax.

<box elevation="high" align="center" width="fit-content">

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