ComboStrap UI - Grid (Row and Column)

1 - About

The grid component is a composition of two tags:

  • the row tag
  • and the column (or col tag)

Since version 1.2

3 - Syntax


They are actually superset HTML component, you can therefore use all Grid bootstrap class

Attributes are in the planning

4 - Example

On a grid of 12 columns, a row with two columns:

<row class="px-5">
<col class="col-12 col-lg-6" background-color="green" color="white">First column</col>
<col class="col-12 col-lg-6" background-color="blue" color="white">Second column</col>

  • Output:

First column
Second column

5 - Configuration

5.1 - gridColumns

You can change the default number of columns from 12 to 16. See Strap Template - Dynamic Grid System