ComboStrap UI - Disqus

1 - About

The disqus component will add a disqus forum.

Since version 1.1

2 - Syntax


Attributes Default to Description
shortname the disqusDefaultAttributes configuration It's the forum's shortname. It's the unique identifier for your website as registered on Disqus.
id The canonical value and if not set to the Dokuwiki Id The chosen discussion identifier (ie the page) is persisted in in the disqus_identifier meta.
url the canonical URL if set The Url disqus configuration is used to come back from Disqus to your page
category Not set It's the category id number to be used for the current page
title the title of the page The title of the thread

3 - Configuration

3.1 - disqusDefaultAttributes

disqusDefaultAttributes is a configuration that defines the default attributes of the Disqus component.

It should at minimum have the forumShortName



3.2 - disqus_identifier

disqus_identifier is a meta that persist the chosen id over time.

Don't change it if you have any comments, otherwise you will create a new discussion and lose them.

4 - Documentation / Reference

5 - Example

<disqus />

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