ComboStrap UI Styling

1 - About

Styling in ComboStrap is the possibility to render every component as you wish.

ComboStrap has two levels of styling:

3 - Levels

3.1 - Stylesheet

ComboStrap is based on Bootstrap and allows you to use your customized stylesheet.

ComboStrap Styling - How to create and add your own Bootstrap stylesheet

3.2 - Attributes

3.2.1 - Standard

The standard attributes are:

  • Dimension (Width and height) - Take control of the space
  • Align - Align your component and their text as you wish
  • Spacing - Master your layout at the pixel-perfect details
  • Color - Text, Border and Background color made easy with name and declarative gradient
  • Skin - Apply a skin to control the emphasis level of your components
  • Elevation - Add a shadow and elevate your component

For the Geek

Standard attributes are all transformed into CSS rules.

3.2.2 - Advanced

Every component is a html superset and you can therefore use the HTML attributes:

for advanced styling