Strap Styling - StyleSheet

1 - A propos

ComboStrap comes with:

2 - Configuration

You can choose your stylesheet in the Bootstrap Stylesheet configuration.

The bootswatch themes are available since the Bootstrap version 4.5.1. The configuration Bootstrap version should then be at minimal 4.5.0

3 - List

The strap template is delivered with the following stylesheets:

  • bootstrap.min.css - the standard Bootstrap stylesheet
  • bootstrap.16col - a Bootstrap stylesheet customized to support a grid of 16 columns
  • the others are from Bootswatch

4 - Custom Bootstrap Theme

You can even create and install your custom stylesheet.

If you want, you can also create and add your own Bootstrap stylesheet. This is an advanced configuration and requires some programming skills but this is not out of reach. See ComboStrap Styling - How to create and add your own Bootstrap stylesheet

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