ComboStrap Styling - HTML super set

1 - About

The UI ComboStrap components are all super set tag of the HTML language.

They follow the same rules and you may then use them as every HTML element.

Below, we describe the syntax, they all have in common.

3 - Syntax

Every UI component follows the following syntax

<component type name1="value1" ... nameN="valueN" >
<!-- content -->


3.1 - Type

Example with a note, the fully HTML compliant syntax is

<note type="tip">A tip note</note>

but with the superset ComboStrap components, you may write

<note tip>A tip note</note>

3.2 - Styling

Every component implements also a set of styling attributes


<component color="blue">

  • The dimension attributes (width and height) are also taken into account in each component. You can write:

<component width="100px">

3.3 - HTML

All HTML attributes are supported on every component and in particularly, you may use the:

for advanced styling

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