Strap Template - Sidekick bar

1 - About

The sidekick bar is a bar that is shown at the right side of a page.

3 - How it works

This is just an extension of the standard bar feature of Dokuwiki

  • Create a page called sidekickbar
  • And you will see its content appears at the right side of the page.

4 - Caching

The cache of the sidebar is automatically deleted when a page in the same namespace is created, added or deleted. See ComboStrap - Automatic Sidebar Content Management

5 - Configuration

5.1 - Name

You can configure the name of the sidekickbar with the tplĀ»strapĀ»sidekickbar configuration

5.2 - Grid extension

If you want to use a second sidebar, you may also want to increase the number of columns from 12 to 16. See Strap Template - Dynamic Grid System

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