Strap Template - JQuery

1 - About

jquery is available in the strap template and is used for interactive actions such as:

3 - Version

3.1 - Bootstrap vs Dokuwiki

By default, the jquery version is:

You can change this behavior with the JqueryDoku configuration in order to use only the Jquery bundle of DokuWiki.

3.2 - See

To get the JQuery Version, you need to open the Browser console and type

// and


4 - Configuration

4.1 - jQueryDoku

The JqueryDoku configuration tells the stap template to use the Dokuwiki Jquery and not the Bootstrap Jquery Version for anonymous users.

It may add inconsistency with Bootstrap. If you need a front-end component that use Jquery UI, contact us to see if there is not already a bootstrap component.

Since version 1.6

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